Santa Barbara Business Network

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A Santa Barbara Business Community
where every business owner makes a difference

A dynamic business community with members enjoying connecting, learning, and networking both face-to-face and virtually.  A community that supports professional development and transformational leadership by serving others.   As positive influencers we enrich our relationships, our community, and the world in which we live.

To Inspire and Connect Community Business Owners
with Resources in Santa Barbara

Inspire. Engage. Educate. Empower. Connect.

We bring together leaders in our community and in business who are passionate about sharing their knowledge and experience to help others.  As iron sharpens iron, we sharpen one another through mastermind activities and opportunities to develop the necessary skills to become effective communicators and leaders.

We organize professional events that have a mix of fun and creative collaborative activities.  We provide a safe way to make valuable connections with other business owners and industry experts.  

Our events serve to help educate, support development, and connect members with new clients,  while raising awareness of the value of their products and services.  We help promote the visibility of your business.


Network members and guests enjoy fun and creative collaborative activities and a safe avenue to connect with others within the network through the online Business Hub and meeting each other face-to-face at network events.

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